Got an iPod!

BUT, don’t get excited yet.

One of the reasons I wanted the Nucleus 5 was it’s ability to have a cord that can plug from the CI to an iPod so that I can hear music directly, if/when I ever get to that point.

So I mentioned this to my friend MFK, asking if he had a spare that I could borrow since he used to fix up iPods for side cash.

Instead, MFK gave me a sweet 30GB iPod, which can hold 7,500 songs.

Good friend I have.  Thanks, MFK, again.  Much appreciated.


About Deff Jeff

Hello, my name is Deff Jeff, and I just underwent surgery to make the switch from hearing aids (after using them all my life - 25 years) to a cochlear implant. This blog is mainly used for notes for me to look back.
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One Response to Got an iPod!

  1. Funnyoldlife says:

    I can do this with my Advanced Bionics CI too. I love it! Nice to get the music in full blast and not worry about busting the old hair cells 🙂

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