First official mapping

I already got mapped the day they turned on my implant.  However, apparently in the CI world, even though you get mapped on Activation Day, it’s called Activation Day, no matter what, and the next appointment that follows that is recognized the first mapping day.

Don’t ask me why.  I’m just going with the flow.

Okay, forgive me, for I have sinned.

I haven’t worn the CI much, if at all.  And if I did, it’s for a half hour to two hours tops.  I made excuses not to wear it and whatnot.

Those high pitched EEEEEEEEEEEEEE that are so physically strong when turning the CI on for the day just really scares me away.  It annoys the shit out of me, it bothers the hell out of me, and I won’t put myself through that.  No way.  I’d rather let Mike Tyson or Floyd “Money” Mayweather knock me around for a round than go through that damn noise that feels and sounds like an electrical shock.

First mapping came and went, and I explained the shocks to them.  My audiologists explained that can be common and with time and use, it will go away.  To be honest, I was unconvinced.  If anything, I know my body, so I know more than them, and I was convinced that something was wrong with me, or even my CI.

All my life, I felt invincible, like nothing can stop me, and nobody knows me any better than myself, yet these two people who I barely know were telling me it was no big deal, that it’s a common occurance?

Then again, these people are trained professionals, have a license, have a degree, and are the ones that put this thing inside my head.  So maybe I should listen to them after all?

Except I couldn’t.  Something wasn’t right…  At least, to me, it seemed.

The appointment went well, we re-did everything, and the shocks were still there.  We went through everything since I have a better picture of what was supposed to be done and how it’s supposed to be.  I felt this mapping made things slightly easier and better.  Unfortunately, I had a busy week coming up, so I won’t have a chance to wear it for 10 hours yet.  Soon, though, soon.


About Deff Jeff

Hello, my name is Deff Jeff, and I just underwent surgery to make the switch from hearing aids (after using them all my life - 25 years) to a cochlear implant. This blog is mainly used for notes for me to look back.
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