When I turn on my CI, especially the last couple of days, the shocks (aka the high-pitched EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE sounds upon turning on the CI for the day) have been really short.  To the point where it lasts for less than 8 seconds.  That’s a MAJOR improvement over 60+ seconds!  Honestly, if the shocks weren’t so bad and/or lasted just 8 or less seconds, I would have worn my CI more often.  Lesson learned:  trust the people with experience that this will eventually go away the longer you use it.

So in other words, if you are a new CI user, and you are experiencing this issue, I strongly suggest you go through those tough two minutes, more or less, and then wear the CI for 10 hours a day so your brain and ear cells gets used to it.  The longer you wear it, the better.  Even sleep with your CI on with the TV blasting if you can.


About Deff Jeff

Hello, my name is Deff Jeff, and I just underwent surgery to make the switch from hearing aids (after using them all my life - 25 years) to a cochlear implant. This blog is mainly used for notes for me to look back.
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